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DJ Beginners Course and Advanced, Reason Music Production and Ableton LiveDJ.

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Let us help you live the dream!

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We host a comprehensive one year course specialising in DJ and Music Production!

Why be just ‘OK’ when you can be ‘GREAT’ !

Our aim with this course is to equip the students with the know-how and skills to make being a DJ a sustainable career – not just a weekend hobby. With international DJ’s rewarding themselves with thousands of dollars in DJ, remix and production fees, it’s been proven that with the correct knowledge, drive and discipline you can become a success in a very competitive field. Don’t just sit there and dream about it …the information and skills in this course are provided by people with a combined knowledge of over 50 years in the field. People who make their living off playing, writing, performing, and reselling music in one form or another. People who know the business and live the industry every day, not just work in it.


Module 1 – DJ Course (3 months)

We have seen the need for an expanded and revised DJ Course with a focus on genre specific mixing techniques as well as more focus on the advanced DJ techniques such as EQ control, scratching, effects and sampling. The average student leaves our course with the knowledge on how to beat match and mix two tracks together. This is merely the first level of the DJ, we try to focus on pushing the student beyond beat matching and into mixing and the vast differences between the two. The emphasis is on the student mastering their style of mixing rather than being “competent”.

Module 2 and 3 – Music Production Course, Reason and Ableton Live (6 Months)

Top DJ’s in the world all have something in common: They all have their own track. Not only is music production the evolution of being a DJ, it’s a way to get your name out into the big wide world. We will show you how to put those ideas down into a program, and then use that program to help you create your own magical track! From the complexities of Reason through to the more live-orientated Ableton, we will show you how to put together the next big hit,  providing you the platform to take things to the next level. We also take a look at DJ programs, computer based mixing programs and how you can utilize them for professional sounding releases, as well as how to incorporate production elements into a DJ or live production set.

Self-Promotion, Running your own Events and Launches

By now many people have realized that being technically brilliant and having the best music is only part of the formula to success. We arm the students with the knowledge of how to build and grow their own brand, as well as how to get people to take notice of this brand through events and marketing. After all you are only as brilliant as those that get to watch you! Learn how to get yourself out in the public eye, and how to stay there.

Equipment Knowledge – Samplers, Effects, Full Rig Set-up

Most people could tell you what plugs into where, but not many would be able to explain why. We go through the ins and outs of effects and samplers, and take you through the motions of how to set-up, run and manage a sound rig. From two speakers to two hundred, we will show you how to run those speakers to their optimum and keep them running there. We also cover how to manage your music, and where the best places are to go hunting for the tunes.

Full Course Fees – R14 500 inclusive
Bookings are now open – Course starts in Feb each year.
Full upfront payment qualifies for a 5% discount on the full fee.
Payment terms can be arranged (over 10 months)

Students receive a certificate for each Module completed at graduation and then an overall DJ Mix Club Diploma at the end of the course.

Each student has 4 hours of theory and 4 hours of practical work per week (one-on-one training) with unlimited access to all the facilities at DJ Mix Club.

Course Terms: 
First Term Feb – April;
Second Term May – June;
Third Term July – Sep;
Fourth Term Oct – Dec.

If you are interested in enrolling for the 1 Year DJ & Music Production Diploma Course, contact us on 011 886 9113 or 011 886 9291, or submit the query form.

Please note that this course is available in Johannesburg only and we are only accepting a limited amount of students.