Audiocenter K-LA28 Dual 8″ Line Array Speaker

R11,495.00 Incl.

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The K-LA series is primarily used for fixed installation and touring performance systems. After many years’ in-depth research, the Audiocenter R&D team has developed the unique PTVTM technology which combines phase and waveguide engineering together seamlessly. This connector, installed between the driver and horn, ensures uniformity and directional accuracy throughout the sound field. With the special horn design, the K-LA-DSP delivers an accurate sound array with extremely low distortion.

The K-LA series uses Beyma 1.75″ HF drivers with a horn coverage of (H°×V°)100°×20°. The K-LA26 uses Faital PRO 6.5″ LF drivers, while the K-LA28 uses Beyma 8″ LF drivers. The angle between the modules can be adjusted accurately to ensure Hi-Fi sound quality and a clear sound dynamic. The K-LA series can be either suspended (maximum of 12pcs) or stacked. To ensure that the K-LA series has perfect sound and excellent stability, even at maximum SPL, the range is built with a crossover inside, built-in DSP and Class D amplifiers with switch mode power supplies.

Light-weight customized Faital / Beyma ferrite drivers with high SPL and low distortion
Ultra low distortion (H3 distortion average <0.5%)
Advanced cooling system, very low power compression
PWMTM and Class D amplifier circuit
Precisely adjustable angles between the different modules ensure Hi-Fi sound quality and an impressive sound dynamic, whether stacked or suspended
Optimized phase response with a hybrid horn design using DMFTM composite materials, Directivity -6dB (H°×V°): 100°×20°, with low resonance and broad sound dynamic
Innovative PTVTM technology, with the perfect combination of phase and waveguide technology, ensures even coverage and highly accurate dispersion angles
Multi-functional cabinet design and various accessories ensures flexibility from small to medium size applications
Rock solid humidity free birch plywood CNC made cabinet
Touring grade coating with Emery spraying

Power Capacity (AES) HF 50W, MF 200W, LF 200W
Impedance 8 ohms
Frequency response (-6dB anechoic chamber) 60Hz – 20KHz
Average Sensitivty 96dB/1W/1m
Average H2 distortion < 2% at 1W
Average H3 distortion < 0.5% at 1W
Directivity-6dB (H°×V°) 100o× 20o
Drivers Customized Beyma and Faital driver
X-over Passive Mode only
X-over Point 450Hz 2.2kHz Passive
Consistency ‘+/- 1.5dB from 200 to 10000Hz
Connectors 2×NEUTRIK Speakon Nl4MP
Cabinet CNC made, high density Russian birch plywood 12mm tickness
Finish Emery spraying
Optional color White and black
Optional accessories Flight case with 100mm wheels / Durable Cover bag / Safety bracket / Stainless steel shackle / Array frame
Dimensions 590×236×436mm
Weight 19 Kg
Technical support & after-sales service
Global application support team, EASE GLL files