Avolites T1 Dongle USB DMX Interface

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Turn Your Laptop into a Lighting Controller

T1 offers the full Titan feature set, and one line of DMX in a small, rugged package.

  • One Universe of DMX, ArtNet or S-ACN
  • Full Titan feature set, without external triggering
  • Touch Screen Supported
  • Avokey Included
With the Titan One dongle and Avolites Titan software (license included), you can turn your Windows laptop into a bona fide lighting controller. This USB dongle outputs one line of DMX control — on/off, dimming, LED effects, and more — to the integrated DMX 5-pin output, which can then be sent to any compatible fixture. Features like Pixelmapper, Quicksketch, and ShapeGenerator unlock a powerful user set, while touchscreen support gives you hands-on control of your lighting rig from a compatible device. For a simple, cost-effective entrance into the world of lighting control, consider the Avolites Titan One USB dongle from Sweetwater.

Avolites Titan software license included

Pair the Titan One with your Windows PC running the Avolites Titan software (license included) to unlock the ultimate in lighting control. Create and edit shows in the 3D Visualizer, add creative motion blur in Pixel Mapper, and speed up setup with Quicksketch.

Avolites Titan One USB Lighting Dongle Features:

  • USB to 5-pin DMX adapter for Windows PC
  • Avolites Titan software license included
  • Transforms your laptop into a lighting controller
  • Outputs one line of DMX control using the Titan software
  • Cost effective — great for schools and large installs
  • Touchscreen compatible for hands-on control
  • 10 pageable playbacks, 60 pages
  • Required: PC running Windows 7 SP1 or higher (32- or 64-bit)
  • Minimum specs: Intel i5 2GHz processor, 4GB of RAM, and SSD drive with 10GB of free space

Tech Specs

  • Type:DMX out USB Dongle
  • DMX Modes:512 channels
  • Compatibility:Titan PC Suite for Windows
  • Connectivity:5-pin DMX Female, 1 x USB Type A
  • Software:Avolites Titan
  • Power Source:Bus Powered

Additional information

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