Behringer XM1800 Microphone 3 Pack

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Check out this 3-pack of XM1800 microphones by Behringer when it’s time to mic the backup singers! The XM1800 mic features a cardioid pickup pattern to minimize feedback, integrated shockmount system to minimize thump and rumble, and a balanced low-impedance output that connects to any console or microphone preamp. Its 50Hz-15kHz frequency response delivers crystal-clear sound for highly detailed vocals, and its integral 2-stage pop filter minimizes breath and plosive noises.

Dynamic vocal microphone
50Hz-15kHz frequency response for crystal-clear, highly detailed vocals
Cardioid characteristic minimizes feedback and background noise
Sturdy, reliable metal construction and electromagnetic shielding
High-level balanced output
2-stage pop filter minimizes breath and plosive noises
Delivered in a rugged hard case with mic clip and stand adapter