CAD Audio Podmaster Run-N-Gun™ PM3100 Shotgun Microphone

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The PodMaster™ Run-N-Gun™ is a Professional Podcast/Streaming Shotgun Microphone delivering smooth and detailed audio reproduction for your next Podcast, IRL Streaming, Run & Gun, Gaming, Voice Over, Video and Home Studio projects. The Run-N-Gun offers maximum Run & Gun flexibility by interfacing with Smart Phones, DSLR Cameras, Action Cams and Laptops thanks to its included adapters and selfie stick tripod stand. Terminated in TRS 3.5mm. Supplied with TRS cable, TRRS and USB adapters, Selfie stick tripod stand with cold shoe mount, deadcat windscreen and cold shoe mic mount.

Condenser Podcast/Streaming Shotgun Microphone
Designed for Journalists, Podcasting, IRL Streaming and Run & Gun video production
Perfect for DSLR Cameras, Smart Phones, Action Cams, Laptops and Video Cams
Maximum flexibility thanks to included TRS, TRRS & USB adapters
Selfie stick/Tripod stand for smart phone with integrated cold shoe mount.
DeadCat artificial fur Windscreen for maximum resistance to wind noise
Smooth and Detailed Audio Reproduction
Quality All Metal Construction
2 Year Warranty

Polar Pattern HyperCardioid Shot-Gun

Frequency Response 20Hz– 20kHz

Sensitivity -30dbv (30.35mV)

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 10 cm