dB Technologies Opera 515DX Active 15″ Speaker

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Active Speaker 15″ / 1″ 400 Watt
Loaded with a 15″ woofer driven by 400W power amp, the Opera 515 DX serves up a sizable helping of bass frequencies even without an added subwoofer. Easy to transport and set up, it offers utmost handling convenience paired with excellent audio quality.

All components in an OPERA system are manufactured by dB Technologies or sourced from trusted suppliers, with dBTechnologies’ quality assurance experts rigorously monitoring the production process. Final assembly takes place at their home base in Bologna, Italy, where they burn in speakers and put every enclosure to the test for several hours before it ships

Speaker Type: 2-Way Active Speaker

Frequency Response [-10dB]: 52 – 20.000 Hz
Frequency Response [+/- 3dB]: 60 – 19.000 Hz
Max SPL: 127 dB
HF: 1 “
Type HF: Compression driver
Directivity: 80/65 x 60 °
Horn: Asymmetrical CD Horn
LF: 15 “

Amp Technology: digipro®
Amp Class: Class D
Power PRG: 400 Watt

Controller: DSP 24bit/48kHz
System Presets: Flat, Processed
Limiter: Dual Active Peak, RMS, Thermal

Housing: Polyporpylen PP
Angles Up: Monitor use 43 °
Width: 432 mm
Height: 655 mm
Depth: 353 mm
Weight: 16,7 kg