dB Technologies SUB 612

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Just like 15″ and 18″ models of the family, bass-reflex SUB 612 features a 600W RMS Class-D Power Amplifier with SMPS, delivers outstanding sound pressure levels (up to 129 dB) in spite of a very compact housing (only 19.8 Kg -43,65 lbs) and provides an impressively precise low-end reproduction. Sub 600s’ remarkable audio performance allows user to build most of the PA systems with 1 single sub and 2 full range speakers, avoiding any external processing or crossover thanks to separate balanced X-Over signal feeds to left and right speakers. Controls on the amp panel allow user to operate with Mono or Stereo audio feed, activate polarity inversion and choose Outputs link mode (True Bypass or X-Over). Whenever a further punch is needed, a low-frequencies boost EQ can be set thanks to the Sub BOOST Mode switch. 600 W RMS CLASS-D AMPLIFIER STEREO BALANCED INPUT LINK OR X-OVER BALANCED STEREO OUTPUT MODE COMPACT AND STURDY WOOD CABINET LIGHTWEIGHT POLARITY INVERSION SWITCH FLAT OR BOOST EQ MODE SWITCH