Fluid Audio DS8 Desktop Monitor Stand (pair)

R1,495.00 Incl.


The pair of DS8 Desktop Monitor Stands are designed for use with any 7″ and 8″ studio monitors, and offer acoustic isolation, two height adjustments, and three angles to create an optimal monitor setup. The rugged and well-damped stands are made from MDF wood, while polypropylene posts help minimize the “ringing” of the ABS plastic. Both the top and bottom are capped with absorbent 40-durometer rubber feet. Each stand can be set at 3″ or 6″ and adjust to flat, 3°, and 6° of tilt. The result of the construction and design allow your monitors to breathe, while producing purer tones with a less distorted midrange.

  • Fits all 7″ and 8″ studio monitors
  • Height Adjustment: 3″ or 6″
  • Angle Adjustments: Flat, 3°, and 6°

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 45 × 31 × 7 cm