Foamrite Acoustic Treatment Studio Kit 2 Pro

R12,795.00 Incl.


Acoustic Treatment Studio Kit 2 Pro 12m Square.
Our professional DIY Kits are intended for serious professionals in the industry.
These Kits are ideal for Home Studios & Rehearsal Rooms, and will create the desired cancellation points to treat reflections common in rectangular shaped spaces, as well as sufficient trapping of low-end frequencies & diffusion. They are quick & easy to install.


12 x Cityscape Panels 500x500mm Side Walls,

12 x Convoluted Panels 500x500mm Rear Walls,

6 x Diffusion Tiles 500x500mm,

3 x Studio Pro Bass Traps 2m 1000mm.

Studio Kit 2 is made up to order – please allow for two weeks for production.

Additional information

Dimensions 50 × 50 × 10 cm