HK Audio L3 112 XA Active 12″ Speaker 1200w

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Powered, 1200W, 12”/ 1”, 135 dB max. SPL, plenty of sound-shaping options with four EQ presets—Bass Boost, Flat (LF), Flat (MHF) and Contour

Active 12”/1” cabinet housed in a multipurpose enclosure. The clever design of the LINEAR 3 112 XA allows it to excel as a front PA with plenty of punch, or as an assertive stage monitor.

  • Can be used as a mid/high unit or as an onstage monitor
  • Packs the muscular bi-amped punch of a 1,200 W class D power amp
  • Beautifully balanced, high-definition audio
  • 135 dB SPL—that”s plenty of sound pressure for audiences of up to 500 (with the suitable L SUB 1500 A or L SUB 1800 A subwoofers)
  • No need for sophisticated audio skills: advanced DSP technology serves up top-notch sound every time
  • Intelligent Multiband Limiter ensures tonal integrity at every volume level
  • FIR crossover filtering for transparent midrange
  • Plenty of sound-shaping options with four EQ presets—Bass Boost, Flat (LF), Flat (MHF) and Contour
  • Very low total harmonic distortion, so no listening fatigue
  • System”s sound is easy to control and shape, even from the stage
  • On-target, directional PA aiming to reduce reflections off walls and ceilings

Frequency response filtering for better mix results from onstage

For musicians and DJs who are going for the best mixing results when on the road without a technician, the powered speaker-system LINEAR 3 offers a rich palet of sound-control. 

Intelligent multiband limiting and frequency response filtering on the Contour EQ preset setting deliver a sweet yet assertive sound, always and at every volume level, from whisper soft to super loud. The multiband limiter monitors and controls the target frequency bands separately, intervening only when and where it serves the purpose of achieving great sound.

This is why LINEAR 3 guarantees top notch sound performance, even for semi-professional musicians and DJs who are not fully-fledged PA specialists.

LINEAR 3 liberates performers, making their lives easier on stage and leaving more room for their creativity and music to flourish.

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