HK Audio L5LTS + L5SUB4000 Linear 5 Speaker Systems

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2 x L5 LTS A – 1000w (650 W + 350 W, biamped) 4 x L SUB 4000 A – 1200w 137 dB half space 2 x Speaker Poles Speaker Cables What does it take to throw the entire frequency spectrum over 30 meters and beyond? Only large line arrays pack a punch powerful enough to deliver that kind of performance. Until now, that is. LINEAR 5 LTS A has arrived, and it’s the first speaker to deliver real long throw performance in an ultra-compact format. Now you can hit the road with fewer speaker components in tow, saving valuable space on your truck. What’s more, you can set up, stack and fly rigs that much faster and easier. The new LINEAR 5 LTS A is not only the easiest way of treating audiences of up to 3,000 to the best sound; it’s also the most economical option out there. L SUB 4000 A is the flexible new 18′ subwoofer from HK Audio. Compatible with all LINEAR 5 full range speakers and mid/high units, its powerful low end — ranging from 30 to 100 Hertz — is totally and powerfully impressive. L SUB 4000 A can also serve as a sub-low add-on to LINEAR SUB 2000 to beef up the bottom end in the range of 30 to 70 Hertz.