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PUT YOUR SOUND IN POLE POSITION POLAR 12 combines outstanding audio performance with ultra-convenient handling to provide the easiest way to the best sound. Its 24-bit DSP and high-grade speaker components deliver exceptionally clear and natural sound from 35 Hz up to 20 kHz. The premium subwoofer design and 2,000 watts of high power amping ensure an XXL sound experience from whisper-quiet to massive volumes. A wide coverage angle of 120° and an outstanding resistance to feedback make it easy to position POLAR 12 in any venue. It can even be placed directly behind the performer, meaning no separate stage monitors are required. POLAR can be set up without the spacer for even more flexible positioning options, e.g. on high stages. While POLAR 10 suits all typical applications for column systems well, POLAR 12 excels in situations where high-powered bass is needed for continuous operation over longer periods of time. Featuring a larger cabinet and a 12? woofer, POLAR 12 delivers the extra helping of low end that bass enthusiasts love so much. This makes it an excellent choice for DJs who have to pump out a big bass sound throughout the gig. In contrast to the usual bass boosting with electronic filters, the powerful bass of POLAR 12 is produced physically by the long-excursion woofer in an acoustically optimized, wooden cabinet. That’s why POLAR 12’s bass delivers higher sound pressure and headroom even when levels spike, keeping the mid and high frequencies in perfect balance at high volumes. The onboard 4-channel mixing console offers two mic/line channels, a dedicated instrument channel, e.g. for acoustic guitar, and an Aux channel for music players, as well as Bluetooth 5.0 Audio Streaming options. Users’ favorite POLAR 12 settings can be stored in five individual user presets. The new E.A.S. connection system makes cables obsolete and guarantees easy setup, while ensuring POLAR 12 sits securely and stably in any location, and the included gig bag for the columnar elements and a cover for the subwoofer make handling even easier. FACTS & FEATURES: Fully equipped active full-range column system with user-friendly operation 2,000-watt Class D power amplifier: high power reserves, perfect dynamic response 1? driver with CD horn: high-definition audio up to 20 kHz and a wide dispersion of 120° Six 3? high-performance neodymium speakers: optimized for powerful midrange response 12? long-excursion woofer with extra-large cabinet volume: POLAR makes the most of actual physics rather than relying on power-sucking electronic bass boost Subwoofer enclosure: low-resonance wooden construction with a classy look and cleverly designed carrying handles Integrated 24-bit DSP for a homogeneous and low-distortion sound experience across all frequency ranges: professional sound and fatigue-free listening Five individual user presets: the right sound setting for every situation Integrated 4-channel mixing console with multiple connection options Bluetooth 5.0 audio streaming Includes carrying bag for the column elements and padded protective cover for the subwoofer Five-year HK Audio warranty * *upon registration at AN XXL AUDIO EXPERIENCE The 24-bit DSP, paired with premium speakers, delivers exceptionally transparent, natural sound across the entire frequency range, from thumping lows to shimmering highs. A generously appointed 2,000-watt power amp drives the 1″ CD horn, high-performance midrange drivers and a specially developed, long-throw bass woofer housed in an acoustically engineered wood cabinet. This combination serves up an XXL audio experience in every scenario. Anything goes, from sedate background music to accompany dinner to romping, stomping sound for the spirited high point of the event. SWEET SOUND ALL AROUND With its expansive 120° throw pattern and remarkable feedback resistance, POLAR 12 goes wherever you want it, be that on stage or in the room. In many cases, you can do without a stage monitor altogether. POLAR 12 can also be easily set up on raised stages and the like, simply by removing the lower column element – which is a spacer – to keep its directivity aligned with your audience. Loud on the dance floor, assertive in the front rows and conversation-friendly at the back of the room, POLAR 12’s sound pressure gradually tapers to treat everyone in the room to a satisfying sonic experience. Fig. A: Positioning POLAR 12 in any venue is incredibly simple due to the system’s wide angle of sound dispersion, its homogeneous volume distribution, and its excellent resistance to feedback. Fig. B: When POLAR 12 is placed on the floor, the subwoofer, the spacer and the mid/high unit provide the ideal vertical orientation for a standing and/or sitting audience. When set up on a raised stage, the optimum height is achieved by removing the spacer. BUILT-IN FOUR-CHANNEL MIXER The built-in four-channel mixer provides plenty of connections for many applications – two channels for microphone or line signals, a special instrument channel, for an acoustic guitar or similar, and an Aux channel for pre-recorded music. POLAR 12 also renders audio streams wirelessly via Bluetooth 5.0, which has four times the range of earlier versions. Three sound modes (Music, Speech, and DJ) and the semiparametric master EQ allow users to simply and effectively adjust POLAR 12’s sound. In addition, up to five sound settings can be stored as User Presets, which can be recalled when needed. The volume controls for the four channels, the master volume and the subwoofer are directly accessible in all operating situations. Settings that are required less frequently, such as the semiparametric master EQ, are accessed via a rotary push-button and the easily readable display. The newly-developed E.A.S. Connect System connects POLAR 12’s three main components comfortably, safely and without wobbling; cables are not required. POLAR 12 comes complete with a padded gig bag for the two columnar elements and a padded protective cover for the subwoofer. Naturally, you can use two POLAR 12 systems to configure a stereo setup. WHO NEEDS WHICH SYSTEM? POLAR 10 delivers everything users expect from a column sound system. It even outperforms many 12? systems in its price range. That makes POLAR 10 the right choice for singer/songwriters, solo entertainers, presenters and applications in schools and churches. Featuring a larger cabinet and a 12? woofer, POLAR 12 delivers the extra helping of low end that bass enthusiasts love so much. This makes it an excellent choice for DJs who have to pump outa big bass sound throughout the gig. But POLAR 12 also delivers persuasive performance in live situations with drums. The 12? woofer and 2.5? voice coil can handle a heavier thermal load to deliver higher sound pressure and headroom even when levels spike.

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