HK Audio PR:O 15 XD

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Active, 15?/1?, fullrange speaker, stage monitor or satellite 1,200 watt, class-D bi-amped, max. 130 dB SPL, 90° x 55° CD horn, 1x XLR-1/4?-Combo In, bal., 1x XLR Through, Peak and RMS Sound Limiter, Tone knob (Music / Speech), Bass Boost, FIR x-over PR:O 15 XD – THE GERMAN AUDIO STANDARD This truly multifunctional cab gets the job done nicely as a satellite, as a compact 15?/1? fullrange cabinet, or as a low-profile stage monitor. Its balanced frequency response defeats feedback and the Music/Speech knob tunes the unit for the given application. The integrated DSP-based power circuitry delivers 1,200 watts. And all this makes the PR:O 15 XD an exceptionally powerful sound reinforcement tool. Application options: As standalone fullrange speakers, in combination with PR:O 18 SUB A and PR:O 210 SUB A subwoofers, and as low-profile stage monitors 1,200 watt class-D bi-amped DSP for plug-n-play handling without complicated layered menus Integrated control over EQ, X-over, limiter and more functions Flat / Boost EQ presets Tone knob for quick Music / Speech voicing adjustments FIR X-over Custom-designed speakers 90° x 55° wide-beam CD horn for optimum sound Rugged, roadworthy housing tuned to deliver 130 dB SPL and punchy bass response Modular mix-n-match design for versatile use (standalone and in 2.1, half-stack and full-stack M8 rigging points for easy installation Made in Germany 5-year warranty