Korg Konnect Portable PA System w/BT

R5,995.00 Incl.

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Stunning high power and clarity The KONNECT features stunningly powerful sound that exceeds its class. While remaining lightweight and compact, it reaches high volumes suitable for the stage. Equipped with a 6.5-inch woofer and two tweeters, it delivers a total of up to 180W of power. A bass reflex structure provides a rich low-range, giving you powerful sound that packs a punch.

Wireless music playback via Bluetooth Equipped with a generous selection of inputs, the KONNECT also supports Bluetooth audio (using channels 3/4). Use it to provide backing tracks for a live performance, for DJ work at a party, for background music during a speaking event, or for choreographed music in a dance environment. Without any complicated connections, you can easily play back music wirelessly from your smartphone or tablet.

In addition, the KONNECT achieves a clear sound image with an excellent sense of separation. The secret to this capability lies in a cutting-edge SHARC DSP and 32-bit digital processing. Experience accurate phase control with an all-in-one stereo speaker, a carefully designed crossover that connects the high and low frequency ranges, a low-noise design that decreases the noise floor, and superb resolution that delivers smooth attacks and crisp clarity. The latest technology and Korg’s know-how ensure that the full range will be reproduced with high-quality sound that rivals studio monitors. Connect anything to this great-sounding, self-contained speaker. A portable stereo high-powered PA with high-quality sound. KONNECT is a portable all-in-one stereo PA system that provides a complete solution for both sound and convenience. It’s a single unit that has everything you need for performances, DJ, background music, or MC work in any situation: live shows, parties, dance studios, exhibitions, seminars, or presentations. Featuring clarity that’s unparalleled in any compact speaker, KONNECT delivers both powerful low-end and loudness. At the same time, KONNECT includes conveniences such as an interface that’s easy to understand and operate, a rich variety of EQ presets suitable for any source (the VOICING function), and support for wireless control from your smartphone or tablet. The portable KONNECT is an easy way to get great sound anytime and anywhere. Multi-function amp useful in a variety of situations Excellent design delivers high-quality sound, with playback capability that covers the full range from high to low, and power far beyond its size Compact one-piece construction allows easy transportation, connection, and setup Dedicated “KONNECT App” lets you wirelessly control the mix Play back music wirelessly via Bluetooth High-quality effects per channel and master reverb Provides optimal EQ presets (VOICING function) for a variety of instruments and musical styles SCENE function lets you recall settings instantly Feedback suppressor prevents acoustic feedback Panel layout is easy to use without confusion Center cancel lets users reduce the volume of the vocal or guitar in a song Each channel is equipped with EQ, pan, mute & solo, and phase switch Can be mounted on a speaker stand Dedicated carrying bag is available VOICING Types 5 *1 REVERB Types 4 FX Types 3 *2 Scene memories 3 *2 Others Feedback suppressor, Center Cancel (channel 3/4), Phase switch function *2, Panning function *2 Channel 1 MIC jack *3 XLR type (Balance), 6kO, nominal level -20dBV LINE jack *4 6.3mm (1/4″) monaural phone jack (Unbalance) with MIC/LINE switch LINE: 3.5kO, nominal level -20dBV, MIC: 7.5kO, nominal level 0dBV Channel 2 MIC jack *3 XLR type (Balance), 6kO, nominal level -20dBV LINE jack *4 6.3mm (1/4″) monaural phone jack (Unbalance), 7.5kO, nominal level 0dBV Channel 3/4 L/MONO INPUT jack 6.3mm (1/4″) monaural phone jack (Unbalance), 15k/7.5kO, nominal level 6dBV R INPUT jack 6.3mm (1/4″) monaural phone jack (Unbalance), 15kO, nominal level 6dBV STEREO INPUT jack 3.5mm (1/8″) stereo mini phone jack (Unbalance), 15kO, nominal level 6dBV Wireless Method Bluetooth (A2DP Sink) *5 Bluetooth low energy Output Power for Woofer Max 140W (PEAK) Output Power for Tweeter Max 20W x 2 (PEAK) Frequency Response (-10 dB) 55Hz-20kHz Speakers 6.5″ + 1″ x 2 (16.5 cm + 2.5 cm x 2) Power Supply AC adapter (DC 20 V or 24 V) Current Consumption 1.5 A Dimensions (W x D x H) 452 mm x 225 mm × 232 mm/17.80″ x 8.86″ x 9.13″ Weight 5.3 kg/11.68 lbs. Speaker stand mounting diameter 35 mm / 1.38″ (only compatible with the separately sold ST-S80 speaker stand) Included Items AC adapter Accessories (sold separately) Carrying bag (SC-KONNECT), Speaker stand (ST-S80S)