KORG Prologue-8 flagship analog synthesizer

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A new-generation of flagship analog synthesizer. The ultimate multi-voice, multi-timbre, multi-engine. prologue is a fully-programmable, full-featured, professional synthesizer. Preceded by the four-voice polyphonic minilogue and the monophonic monologue, its the long awaited debut of the flagship: the prologue. prologue is a polyphonic analog synthesizer equipped with a full-sized keyboard. With powerful analog circuits that are descended directly from the earlier models of the series, together with a newly developed digital multi engine and gorgeous DSP-based effects, prologue expands the variety of sounds and the possibilities for user customization. The lineup is comprised of two models that cover musicians needs for not only stage use, but also studio, home, or touring use: 16-voice 61-key prologue-16, and the eight-voice 49-key prologue-8. These instruments are capable of sounds that go beyond existing analog synthesizers. Keyboard prologue-16 61 keys (Natural touch keyboard with velocity) prologue-8 49 keys (Natural touch keyboard with velocity) Sound Generation Analogue sound generator + Multi digital sound generator (Noise, VPM, User) Maximum Polyphony prologue-16 16 voices prologue-8 8 voices Programs 500 voices (more than 250 preload, 250 user programs). Each program provides a program sort function that includes voice mode and timbre settings, and allows up to 8 4 banks of live set programs to be registered. Voice Mode 4 (POLY, MONO, UNISON, CHORD). The VOICE MODE DEPTH setting allows different parameters to be varied for each mode. Timbres Max two timbre (Main timbre, Sub timbre) Layer, crossfade, and split settings are possible. Arpeggiator 6 types (Manual, Rise, Fall, Rise Fall, Random, Poly Random). Tempo and note range can be changed Program Sort 8 (PROG NUM, CATEGORY, ALPHABETICAL, LIKE, FREQUENT, ENVELOPE, RANDOM, LIVE SET) Main Synth Parameters VCO1 WAVE (SAW, TRIANGLE, SQUARE), OCTAVE, PITCH, SHAPE VCO2 WAVE (SAW, TRIANGLE, SQUARE), OCTAVE, PITCH, SHAPE MODULATION PITCH EG (ALL, VCO1+2, VCO2), PITCN EG INT, SYNC, RING, CROSS MOD DEPTH MULTI ENGINE NOISE/VPM/USER, OCTAVE, TYPE, SHAPE MIXER VCO1, VCO2, MULTI VCF CUTOFF, RESONANCE, EG INT, DRIVE, LOW CUT, KEYTRACK AMP EG ATTACK, DECAY, SUSTAIN, RELEASE EG ATTACK, DECAY, SUSTAIN, RELEASE LFO WAVE (SAW, TRIANGLE, SQUARE), MODE (FAST, SLOW, BPM), RATE, INT, TARGET (PITCH, SHAPE, CUTOFF) Main Effect Parameters MOD EFFECTS OFF/ON/SELECT (CHORUS, ENSEMBLE, PHASER, FLANGER, USER), SPEED, DEPTH DELAY/REVERB OFF/DELAY/REVERB, TIME, DEPTH L.F. COMP (prologue-16 only) OFF/ON, GAIN MULTI ENGINE Noise Generator 4 types VPM oscillator 16 types User oscillator 16 slots MOD EFFECTS CHORUS 8 types ENSEMBLE 3 types PHASER 8 types FLANGER 8 types USER 16 slots DELAY/REVERB DELAY 8 types REVERB 8 types Controls Wheels: Modulation wheel that can modify different parameters for each program, pitch wheel Knobs: PORTAMENTO knob, VOICE SPREAD knob (only on prologue-16) Display Main Real-time OLED oscilloscope provides visual feedback of parameter changes MULTI ENGINE section 7 segments x 6 digit LED display Input/Output connectors Headphone jack (Stereo phone jack) OUTPUT L/MONO, R jacks (monaural phone jack unbalanced) SYNC IN jack (3.5 mm [1/8 Inch] mini jack, maximum input level 20 V) SYNC OUT jack (3.5 mm [1/8 Inch] mini jack, output level 5 V) MIDI IN jack MIDI OUT jack USB B jack EXPRESSION jack DAMPER jack (half damper is not supported) Power Supply AC Power Supply terminal Power Consumption prologue-16 38 W prologue-8 23 W Dimensions (W x D x H) prologue-16 874 mm x 348 mm x 118 mm/34.41 Inch x 13.70 Inch x 4.65 Inch prologue-8 709 mm x 348 mm x 118 mm/27.91 Inch x 13.70 Inch x 4.65 Inch Weight prologue-16 9.1 kg/20.06 lbs. prologue-8 7.5 kg/16.53 lbs. Included Items AC power cable Accessories (sold separately) Soft Case SC-PROLOGUE soft case (For prologue-16/prologue-8) Sync Cable SQ-CABLE-6 Sync cable Damper Pedal DS-1H damper pedal Pedal Switch PS-1 pedal switch, PS-3 pedal switch Expression/Volume Pedal XVP-20 Volume/Expression pedal, XVP-10 Expression/Volume pedal Foot Controller EXP-2 foot controller.

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