Korg SV2 88S Stage Vintage Piano

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Korg SV2-S Stage Vintage Piano With Built-In Speakers 88Keys

Not only has Korg released the new SV2 stage piano, they’ve also launched a brand new version with built-in monitor speakers. Working in collaboration with Italian speaker designers K-ARRAY, Korg has created an instrument which is truly professional in every respect. The SV2-S with built-in speakers makes the perfect instrument for backstage rehearsals, choir practice, home studio, music room or on-stage monitoring for a wide range of situations.
The on-board speaker system produces 2 x 15watts via three loudspeakers and is available in both 73 and 88 note configuration
Our favourite Korg SV2-S Features
• Built-in 30w amplification & speaker system
• 74 On-Board Sounds and more available via the free software editor
• Ability to layer or split three voices
• 128 voice polyphony
• High German, Italian, Austrian and Japanese RX piano voices
• Some of the best effects we’ve seen on a stage piano
• 12AX7A vacuum tube adds warmth and grit to the sound

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Dimensions 136 × 35 × 16 cm