Monacor PA-40120 4-Zone Mono Mixing Amplifier

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P1380 P2000 P1990
4-zone mono mixing amplifier,with 4 active 120 W outputs, for setting up a multi-zone PA system.
A switch allows each of the 5 inputs to be assigned to one of the 4 outputs. Thus, it is possible to reproduce varying programmes in different areas. Another advantage is that an announcement in one area will not interrupt the programme in another area.
With optional zone-paging microphone PA-4000RC, the amplifier can be extended to a 4-channel PA system. In combination with an integrated voice memory, an alarm system can be set up in schools, for example.
  • 4 x 120 W
  • 4 zones, can be controlled individually
  • 3 mic/line inputs and 2 line inputs
  • Built-in adjustable monitor speaker
  • Chime and siren can also be activated via external momentary push-button
  • Bass, treble and master controls, level display via LEDs, regulated fan
  • 15 V phantom power for electret microphones
  • Connection for microphone PA-4000PTT
  • Optional connection for up to 32 zone paging microphones PA-4000RC
  • Mains operation and 24 V emergency power operation

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Weight 22 kg
Dimensions 50 × 38 × 10 cm