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STANDALONE PRODUCTION AND PERFORMANCE INSTRUMENT The workflow. The sounds. No computer necessary. MASCHINE+ is a sampler, a drum machine, a synth, and an on-stage superpower. In short, it’s whatever you make it. Leave the laptop behind, jam with your other gear, and create beats in minutes with a wealth of on-board sounds, instruments, and effects. It’s the iconic MASCHINE workflow, with fewer strings attached. DO IT STANDALONE Standalone means more focus, more freedom, and more music making. Plug in, power up, and get creating straight away in the embedded MASCHINE+ production environment – from first ideas to finished tracks. Dial in effects to tweak your sounds, or sample audio and make it your own with an intuitive interface designed to keep the creative juices flowing. And if you want to bring your ideas into a DAW, copy them over, and boot up the MASCHINE software on your computer to pick up where you left off. 9 INSTRUMENTS, 35 EFFECTS, AND THOUSANDS OF SOUNDS ON BOARD As well as its classic groovebox workflow, MASCHINE+ includes MASCHINE+ Selection: A dedicated package of nine synths and sampled instruments, 35 effects, and seven Expansions (including two of your own choosing) that work seamlessly in standalone mode. It includes heavy-hitters like MASSIVE, FM8, MONARK, PRISM, the MASCHINE Factory Selection, RAUM, and PHASIS. That means its 16 pads can sound like a dusty vintage drumkit, a warped wavetable lead, or an organic modal synth – pretty much anything you can think of if you flex your sound design skills. THE SYNTHS Think up a sound and dial it in. As well as the MASCHINE Factory Library, MASCHINE+ includes four additional synths that cover everything you’d ever need. From subby bass to acid leads, expansive pads, funky low-end, and organic textures, these four sonic playgrounds have you covered. MASSIVE Genre-defining wavetable synth that’s great for bass, lead, and pad duties – from creamy analog sounds to unashamedly digital edge. Explore MASSIVE MASSIVE audio demos FM8 The brilliant, intricate sound of FM synthesis in an easy-to-use instrument with innovative advanced features when it’s time to dive deeper. Explore FM8 FM8 audio demos PRISM Unique modal synth and FX module capable of percussive keys, bells and plucks, as well as hard basses, piercing leads, and organic atmospherics. Explore PRISM PRISM audio demos MONARK The kind of analog monosynths with a streamlined interface and infinite sweet spot. Perfect for rich, organic basses and full leads. Explore MONARK MONARK audio demos REAKTOR AND KONTAKT FACTORY SELECTION Two collections full to the brim with innovative, cutting-edge sound that work seamlessly in standalone mode. REAKTOR Factory Selection packs innovative synths born in our DSP lab, including SPACE DRONE, NEWSCOOL, and LAZERBASS. KONTAKT Factory Selection includes a huge variety of sampled instruments that span a wide range of genres, styles and sounds. RETRO MACHINES 16 definitive analog synths and keyboards, covering the classic, the idiosyncratic, and the exotic. Lovingly sampled, easy to play, and with advanced custom control. Explore RETRO MACHINES RETRO MACHINES audio demos THE EFFECTS In addition to the MASCHINE Factory Library effects, MASCHINE+ packs two high-fidelity ways to sculpt, transform, and finish your sounds. RAUM Do-it-all, high-fidelity reverb capable of everything from subtle space to complex, transformative sound design. Explore RAUM PHASIS Add movement, character, and creative magic to input signals for both classic phasing sounds and previously-unheard effects. Explore PHASIS

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