Numark Scratch Mixer Serato Combo

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Combo Includes:

Numark Scratch Mixer

Serato 12″ Performance Control Vinyl – Black or Pink (Pair)

Numark Scratch is a 24-bit two-channel mixer that redefines what you can do with an affordable 2-channel scratch mixer.

With Scratch, you’ll be able to create and perform at a higher level than you ever thought was possible—especially with a mixer in the affordable price category. Scratch combines professional-level performance and outright DJing fun in a way nothing else ever has. You’ve got to experience it to really see what it’s all about! Scratch is really something special—It brings a new look and design to the mixer category. It boasts an all-metal build with professional features such as a built-in Innofader crossfader, performance pads, instant loop encoder, and toggle paddles to trigger software-based effects. To top it off, it comes with Serato DJ Pro and Scratch is Serato DVS ready. Performance Pads Its soft responsive performance pads give you the freedom to access cues, rolls, and sampler quickly. The pad mode makes it very convenient to set hot cue points, roll temporary loops, and trigger samples at ease. 24-Bit Digital Sound Quality Play your best with the best! With amazing sound quality thanks to its 24-bit circuitry, the sound is pristine. Your digital song collection never sounded so good, whether you’re using Serato DJ Pro or other preferred software. This is also a great mixer to play vinyl records, with a full EQ and a dedicated low/high pass filter. Innofader Crossfader Our butter-smooth Innofader crossfader is designed with the turntablist in mind to perform most intricate and accurate scratches. You have two switches above the crossfader; 1.) reverse the channels and the other 2.) change the slope for a hard cut or a soft curve for mixing. DVS Ready Easily connect to the Numark Scratch, whether you use traditional turntables or media players. Scratch unlocks Serato DVS for Serato DJ Pro instantly. Instant Loop Encoder Looping made easy. Keep the beat going by pressing the encoder down, and it will lop to the default parameters set in your software. Turn the knob to the right to extend the beat and to the left to shorten the loop. Connectivity Scratch has all the necessities with premium features for any setup. There is an XLR main output and unbalanced booth output for the best booth/dance floor experience. There are unbalanced inputs for both line and phono inputs for each channel. A microphone/auxiliary input for XLR or ¼-inch TS controlled by the mic level knob on the mixer gives you all the versatility you could ask for. The Numark Scratch comes with a bundle of offers when registering their Scratch on DJs will receive a 2-month trial period of SoundSwitch premium DJ lighting software. The Numark Scratch was built from the ground up by DJs for DJs! FEATURES Serato DJ Pro with DVS License Included Ready to Connect Timecoded Records or Deck Controllers* Innofader Scratch Crossfader with Reverse and Slope Control 6 Quick Launch Effect Triggers with Dual Paddles and Dry/Wet FX Control 4 Performance Pads Per Deck to Access Cues, Rolls and Samples Filter Knobs to Create Audio Sweeps Dedicated Instant Looping Knobs Combo Mic Input (XLR/¼-inch) with Tone Control Dual Headphone Output Cueing System (¼-inch/1/8-inch) 24-bit Digital Sound Quality *Serato Control Vinyl/CD available separate