Odyssey DJ Controller Mixer Media Player Bag

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Exterior Dimensions: 19.00″ W x 8.00″ D x 15.50″ H Weight: 6 lbs Shipping Dimensions: 19″ W x 8″ D x 16″ H Shipping Weight: 8 lbs UPC: 807822029673 EAN: 8078220296703 Odyssey presents the Redline™ Series, cutting edge bags for today’s on the go DJ / Remixer / Producer.

Each design not only makes you look good, they make you feel good. The Redline™ Digital bag lets you take a wide variety of your essential gear for your digital set up from one gig to the next. Within the main compartment are unique foam inserts that can be easily reconfigured or removed so you can safely store whatever your gig at the time demands such as microphones, mixers, or media players, or a digital controller such as the Vestax VCI-380 or Hercules RMX 2.

It has enough pockets to store all your necessities and is fully padded in all the right places with a steel frame reinforcement for the ultimate in digital gear protection. The Digital bag is also great for carrying Video Game consoles and Controllers.

Features and Specifications

  • Reinforced Steel Frame Prevents Vertical Crushing and Sagging
  • Fully Padded for Gear Protection
  • Adjustable Foam Inserts To Customize Main Compartment to Your Gear
  • Dedicated Adjustable Compartment for Laptop
  • Heavy-Duty Zippers and Zipper Pulls
  • Convenient Elastic Band Cable Holders
  • Pull-up Handle Sling
  • Easy Access Front and Rear Pockets
  • Sturdy Bottom Feet Increases Vertical Stability
  • Padded Handle and Shoulder Strap for Extra Comfort
  • Interior Main Compartment Dimensions: 17.5″ x 13″ x 3.5″

*Modify the Do-It-Yourself adjustment foam as needed to best fit and secure your controller or other gear of choice, and be especially careful with the foam and position of the gear in regards to protruding knobs and faders. For additional protection use optional padding and/or face covers with your gear if necessary.

Fits gear such as:

  • Up to 17″ Laptops
  • Cables
  • Hard Drives
  • Serato Scratch, Traktor Scratch, and Other Digital Interfaces
  • Vinyl, CDs, & Memory Sticks
  • Samplers and Drum Machines such as… Akai MPC Live Pioneer DJS-1000
  • DIGITAL CONTROLLERS such as: Akai APC-40 Akai APC-20 ADJ / American Audio ELMC1 ADJ / American Audio VMS2 Allen & Heath Xone:DX Elation M-Play Denon DN-MC2000 Denon Prime Go Gemini CNTRL-7 Gemini G2V Hercules 4MX Hercules P32 DJ Hercules RMX Hercules RMX 2 Hercules Steel Hercules DJ4 Hercules Universal DJ Native Instruments Maschine Novation Twitch Pioneer DDJ-200 Pioneer DDJ-WeGo Pioneer DDJ-WeGo2 Pioneer DDJ-WeGo3 Pioneer DDJ-WeGo4 Pioneer Toraiz SP-16 Prime Go Stanton DJC Stanton DJC.4 Stanton SCS.4DJ Vestax VCI-100 Vestax VCI-300 Vestax VCI-380 Vestax Typhoon Vestax Spin
  • DJ MIXERS such as: Allen & Heath PLAYdifferently MODEL 1 Allen & Heath Xone:02 Allen & Heath Xone:32 Allen & Heath Xone:42 Allen & Heath Xone:62 Allen & Heath Xone:92 Denon DN-X600 Denon DN-X1100 Denon DN-X1600 Denon DN-X1700 Pioneer DJM-700 Pioneer DJM-800 Pioneer DJM-900 Pioneer DJM-900NXS Pioneer DJM-900NXS2 Rane 62 Rane 72 Rane TTM 56 Rane TTM 57 Rane Empath Vestax PMC-05Pro (1-4) Vestax PMC-08Pro Vestax PMC-280
  • TABLETOP CD/MEDIA PLAYERS such as: American Audio Flex 100 MP3 American Audio Radius 1000 American Audio Radius 2000 Amercan Audio Radius 3000 Denon DN-S3500 Denon DN-S3000 Denon DN-S3700 Denon DN-S5000 Denon DN-S5500 Denon DN-HS5500 Denon SC2900 Denon SC3900 Denon SC5000 PRIME Denon SC5000M PRIME Gemini CDJ-600 Gemini CDJ-700 Gemini CDJ-202 Gemini CDJ-203 Gemini CDJ-210 Gemini MDX-1000 Numark NDX800 Numark NDX900 Numark V7 Pioneer CDJ-1000 Pioneer CDJ-1000MK2 Pioneer CDJ-1000MK3 Pioneer CDJ-2000 Pioneer CDJ-2000NXS Pioneer CDJ-2000NXS2 Pioneer CDJ-800 Pioneer CDJ-800MK2 Pioneer CDJ-850 Pioneer CDJ-900 Pioneer CDJ-900NXS Pioneer XDJ-1000 Pioneer XDJ-1000mk2 Reloop RMP-1 SCRATCH MK2 Reloop RMP-2.5 ALPHA Reloop RMP-3 ALPHA Stanton C.303 Stanton C.313 Stanton C.314 Stanton C.324 Technics SL-DZ1200
  • GAME CONSOLES and CONTROLLERS such as: DJ Hero Turntable Controller PS3 PS4 XBOX XBOX 360 XBOX One.