PowerWorks Power 12

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Product features:

PowerWorks POWER-12: 12″ Active Ultra-Low Frequency Wooden Bass Speaker with 4-way input mixer with dual channel power amplifier + one Passive 6 x 3″ Speaker Wood Column array cabinet.

Introduction:POWER-12 Column Speaker System is a multi-functional composite audio system specially developed for small and medium-sized mobile performance, conference, speech amplification and other places. The system is easy to assemble and can be set up in minutes.

As an active, multi-in-one solution, POWER-12 is a super compact and powerful vertical array speaker system for many purposes. It includes 6×3 ‘full-range speakers for perfect clarity of instruments and vocals.1 inch high precision drive unit provides wide dynamic and clear treble.

The subwoofer has a professional 12′ rubber side low frequency speaker that provides powerful, well-defined bass. The built-in 4-channel mixer can be used in many applications. POWER-12 can be used by connecting different sound sources such as microphones, instruments, players and even wireless Bluetooth. Built-in DSP with graphical display upgrades the sound to high definition.