QSC WL212-sw Wideline Dual 12″ Passive Flying Subwoofer

R57,996.00 Incl.

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Dual 12-inch subwoofer in a 4th order bandpass enclosure 135 dB SPL peak output capability Frequency range to 32 Hz (-10 db down point) May be suspended at the top of a WL3082 array or behind the array Integral suspension hardware also supports WL3082 in ground stack applications. Dual 12″, 4th-order bandpass subwoofer, Dual, 12″ woofer with a 4″ voice coil, ceramic magnet assembly, 40 Hz – 100 Hz, 32 Hz – 107 Hz, SUB: 4 ohms, LF: 1100 W, LF: 129 dB SPL / 135 dB SPL,