RCF DLine HDL 12-AS Active 12″ Sub Woofer (To Fly/HDL-6A)

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The HDL 12-AS is the companion subwoofer for HDL 6-A. Housing a 12″ woofer, the HDL 12-AS, is a very compact active sub enclosure and features a 1400 W powerful digital amplifier. It is the ideal complement to create flown HDL 6-A clusters with outstanding performance. It features a built-in digital stereo crossover (DSP) with adjustable crossover frequency to connect the HDL 6-A line array module or a satellite. The integrated mechanics are both fast and reliable. The heavy-duty front grille is power coated. A special transparent-to-sound foam backing inside helps the further protection of the transducers from dust. 1400 Watt Peak power – 700 Watt RMS 131 dB max SPL 40 Hz – 120 Hz frequency response 1 x 12″ Woofer Stereo crossover Switchable crossover frequencies Designed to compliment the HDL 6-A speaker system Polarity reverse switch