Rode NT2A Variable Pattern Studio Condenser Microphone Package

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The new NT2-A is a professional large-capsule (1 in.) condenser studio microphone with variable pickup pattern, variable high pass filter and variable pad. These features provide greater creative control and versatility. Three 3-position switches located on the mic body provide the freedom to step from Figure 8, Cardioid or Omni polar pickup patterns; from a flat response to either 80 Hz or 40 Hz high-pass filter and a Pad adjustment of 0 dB, -5 dB or -10 dB attenuation.

The heart of the NT2-A is the Australian designed and manufactured TYPE HF1 dual diaphragm capsule. The frequency and transient response of this new transducer has been voiced to complement today’s modern recording techniques, and yet still evoke the silky-smooth character of the legendary microphones of the ’50s and ’60s. The NT2-A includes a soft pouch and clip. Features – The Australian designed and manufactured HF1 1 edge terminated, gold sputtered, dual 5 um diaphragm capsule. – 3-position variable polar pattern: Omni, Cardioid &Figure 8; all controlled on the mic. – 3-position variable high-pass filter: Flat, 80 Hz or 40 Hz. – 3-position variable pad: 0 dB,-5 dB or -10 dB. – Ultra-low noise, transformerless SMT circuitry. – Wide dynamic range. – High strength heat-treated steel mesh head. – Durable satin nickel finish. – Internal capsule shock mounting. – Supplied complete with soft pouch and clip.

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