Steinberg UR24C USB Audio Interface

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2 X 4 USB 3.0 AUDIO INTERFACE The UR24C is a remarkably flexible audio interface, which combines amazing sound quality, compact size and unique switchable monitoring modes, making it perfect for recording music with a DAW or performing a great DJ or live music set. Use it with a computer or an iOS device and give your creativity unprecedented freedom. ADVANTAGES OF USING THE UR24C Record your music anywhere The UR24C is a fantastic solution for recording and producing your music. Its high quality combo inputs with D-PRE preamps and onboard phantom power, 32-bit/192 kHz recording quality, MIDI inputs and outputs, latency-free monitoring with DSP effects and fast, reliable connectivity to computers and iOS devices via SuperSpeed USB 3.1 Gen 1 with USB-C mean you are always working in a world of sparkling, versatile sound. The compact, tough and lightweight construction make it suitable for taking anywhere with you, turning any space into a recording studio. You can even plug in two sets of studio monitors, to check your mixes even more thoroughly. And thanks to the included Cubase AI recording software and Cubasis LE iOS app, you can start recording immediately with Mac, PC or iOS devices. Perform great DJ sets The UR24C’s dual monitor modes mean it is perfect for playing great DJ sets as well as recording with. In DJ mode you can choose between Split and Stereo monitoring, either outputting the mono master sound to the right side of the headphones and the mono cue sound to the left, or having both in stereo, using the Mix control to balance or mix as appropriate. Of course, the UR24C’s high quality components, rugged portability and seamless connection with computers or iOS devices via SuperSpeed USB 3.1 Gen 1 with USB-C mean you can play your sets anywhere and every beat is delivered in stunning detail. Your reliable live performance partner The UR24C is a great onstage partner. As well as its rugged, road-ready construction and high-quality, reliable performance, you can use its multiple outputs for providing click and guide tracks to band members while sending the stereo backing track to the FOH mixing desk. Support for PC, Mac and iOS allows for using a wide range of DAWs, like Cubase, Cubasis or any other multitrack playback application, while the MIDI connectors allow you to incorporate a wide range of hardware controllers for triggering loops and other sounds. It all means you can deliver a full performance, no matter whether you are a solo artist or a band member, making sure that all backing tracks are played reliably. DATA & FACTS: UR24C Total number of inputs 2 Total number of indiviudal outputs 4 Total number of Outputs 6 Microphone preamp D-PRE Microphone inputs 2 Inputs with line level 2 Inputs with HI-Z 1 Analog inputs TRS 0 Analog inputs Combo 2 Analog outputs TRS 2 Phantom power 2 Headphone With dedicated volume control Headphones outputs 1 Digital In ADAT 0 Digital Out ADAT 0 Digital In S/PDIF Optical 0 Digital In AES/EBU RS422 0 Digital Out S/PDIF Optical 0 Digital Out AES/EBU RS422 0 MIDI I/O

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