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(Authorised NI Komplete Kontrol stockists and Educational Partner)

Learn to master NI Traktor Pro3 software in the world of the digital DJ.  This Short Course consists of 3 x 2-hour lessons over a month @ R1000. Students will be issued a competency certificate from the DJ Mix Club on completion of the course.


Native Instruments Traktor S4 – DJ Controller,
Native Instruments Traktor S8 – Stems DJ Controller 

As an organization that has trained DJ’s for over 20 years in South Africa, we have seen the fall of analogue and the unprecedented rise of the digital age of music and the modern DJ. We have moved from a generation of people who learned to DJ on turntables to a new generation of DJ’s who have transcended over to the digital platform and now choose to perform on DJ Hardware/Controllers. With this shift in the DJ’s choice of device and format comes a whole different set of problems, intricate problems that are only exacerbated by the complexity of the modern day computer and the various DJ software platforms on offer. DJ Mix Club has been at the forefront of the digital movement in South Africa and we were one of the first organizations to work with and consult with DJ’s and DJ brands on some of the original DJ Software on the market such as Stanton Final Scratch when it was still running on Linux! From those humble beginnings we have seen the rise of Native Instruments and Traktor Pro DJ Software and we are considered one of the leading re-sellers of Traktor and Machine hardware DJ Gear in South Africa. We regularly provide assistance to DJ’s around the country on how to set-up and optimize their systems and to run Traktor and Machine Production and Performance systems optimally. 

Course Outline

Understanding all the numbers and optimizing your computer.
Before you can work your magic we think you should have an understanding of the Traktor Software package, its software requirements and how your computer needs to be set and run to achieve the most you can from the software. We cover sampling frequencies, hardware and software requirements and a couple sneaky little things you can do make your computer more efficient and faster.
Audio & MIDI Setup and Time-code Calibration
We take students through the process of actually setting up the software and hardware components of the Traktor System and show them the more effective way to set up the Audio and MIDI components of the Traktor system. We then go over Time-Code options, where you would use it, and how it fits into the bigger picture of DJ’ing.
One of the most important parts of the course, in this section we teach students how to use the default mappings and how to physically map their controllers and create their own custom maps to share with other DJ”s from around the world.
Levels & EQ
In this section we cover dynamic use of EQ’s and filters to enhance your mixing skills and optimum ways to run your channels and master outputs.
Syncing or Pitching?
To Sync or not to Sync? We explain exactly what the sync function does and how it achieves its “magic”. We also discuss the merits of beat matching, key-mixing and musical structure used in mixing.
Cue Points, Loops and Sampling
In this section we discover Cue points and how to creatively make and use them to enhance mixing and create live re-mixes. We also delve into the sampling features of Traktor and show DJ”s how to make the best of this insanely flexible feature.
Understanding and using the Effects Section
The real meat of the Traktor system lies in its studio quality effects and we show our students how to make dynamic use of the host of on-board and VST effects that are out there and how they are being utilized by the best DJ’s and performers in the world.
Recording & Quantize
In this final section we go over how to record within the Traktor System or how to record an external source to use within Traktor.

All the lessons will take place at the DJ Mix Club. We are open from Mon – Sat (10am – 7pm during the week and 10am – 4pm on Saturdays) and we have 3 training booths to handle those busier days.

Call us on (011) 886 9113 or (011) 886 9291 to book your lessons today. 
Operating times Mon – Fri 10.00am to 7.00pm and Sat 10.00am to 5.00pm.