Beamz Neso 1.5W RGB Analog Pro Laser DMX

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Scanner system: 25K high speed optical scanner Working Modes: Sound Active, Auto run, DMX512 (12 CH), Master/slave mode, ILDA mode. Interface: 3 pins XLR jack for DMX or Maser-Slave linking; DB25 ILDA interface for PC control Input power: AC 110V~240V, 50/60Hz. Rated power: 50W. Packing Size: L*W*H=30.2*30.2*26CM; Weight: 5.5KG 1.5W ILDA DMX controllable laser that creates stunning effects and animated images using RGB colors. The projection is evenly and perfectly. The uniformity is obtained by a 25k high speed optical scanner. Applicable modes are Auto run, sound control, master-slave and a 12-channel DMX mode. Also comes with X and Y invert switches. An LCD shows the functions. In combination with a Beamz smoke machine the effects appear even better! Features: 1.5W laser power RGB colors 25K high speed scanner Working modes: ILDA, Auto, DMX, Master/slave & Soundactive Interface: ILDA for PC control, DMX or Master/slave X and Y invert Interlock 1 Year limited guarantee.