Focusrite ‘Vocaster Two Studio’ USB-C Podcasting Audio Interface Bundle

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The easiest way to bring studio quality sound to your podcast.

Vocaster features Auto Gain, to set levels quickly and easily; Enhance, to get your voice sounding its best in one click; and connections for your phone, camera and so much more.

Focusrite interfaces sit at the heart of more studios than any other. Now, let your voice be heard like never before.

The ultraportable Vocaster Two podcast interface turns your computer or USB Type-C iPad into a potent and intuitive content-creation station, with gobs of automatic gain for any kind of microphone, onboard sound enhancements a button-push away, and a smart selection of podcast-centric software. With the option to tap remote guests, infuse music and other audio clips, and even feed the mix to a camera, the Vocaster Two Studio is a well-rounded podcasting solution that remains simple.

The Total Package

In addition to the capable podcast interface, this bundle includes Focusrite’s Vocaster DM14v premium dynamic mic, their HP60v headphones, and an XLR mic cable. Though background noise is often a challenge for at-home content creators, the mic’s built-in windshield and shockmount reduce wind and vibration noise, and the closed-back design of the headphones simultaneously allows you to hear your mix isolated from ambient sound while preventing the headphone sound from bleeding into the mic.
Good Sound in No Time

Just talk and let Vocaster’s Auto Gain function automatically set your level in seconds before you record. With phantom power and over 70 dB of gain on tap, Vocaster can boost any mic’s output to a strong signal. Plus, you can sweeten your vocal sound instantly with three different podcaster-approved presets, or tap the Mute button to keep coughs, gulps, and sneezes out.

The interface’s Easy Start tool helps get you going quickly, bypassing the turmoil of having to figure everything out on your own. If you run into a roadblock, award-winning support is available at any time, day or night.

Easy Hookup for Two Mics and More

Connect the supplied microphone (and one of your own), headphones for you and a guest, and your stereo speakers straight to the Vocaster. For vloggers, there is a dedicated TRS output that lets you feed your mix right into your camera. Input and output levels are easily adjustable from the tactile controls on the Vocaster.

Being a class-compliant USB Type-C interface, Vocaster works with most Mac/Windows computers as well as USB Type-C iPads. Since it can be powered through a USB connection to your host device or via an external USB power supply (available separately), it is truly portable and convenient.

Guests Welcome

Feature a call-in guest or bring in any other audio from your phone seamlessly via a wirefree Bluetooth connection, or by plugging your smartphone into the TRRS port (TRRS cable available separately). If your mobile device doesn’t have a TRRS headphone port, snag an adapter—Lightning to TRRS and USB Type-C to TRRS are the two most common—to make the hookup possible.
Add Computer Audio

Equipped with two sets of stereo loopback, Vocaster allows you to stream virtually any audio from your computer, such as:

  • Music beds and themes
  • Intros and outros
  • Soundboards, sound effects, calls, and more

Software to Boot

With Vocaster, you’re never on your own. It comes with Hindenburg Lite (and a six-month trial to use Hindenburg Pro) recording software, a three-month trial of SquadCast Pro + Video (a studio-quality remote recording solution), six months of Acast Influencer for hosting and monetizing your podcasts, and a six-month trial of Ampify Studio Premium to find and tweak music loops for your project.

It’s Showtime

Designed like a broadcast studio, Vocaster Hub is an integrated mixer that provides access to levels, sound enhancements, audio routing from your computer and phone, and more. Not having your computer handy won’t stop you from checking out what your listeners will hear, thanks to Show Mix.

Made for the Future

Focusrite’s carefully chosen components, biodegradable and recyclable packaging, and use of recycled sources for over half of the plastics used in the product reduce the impact Focusrite interfaces have on the planet.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 10 cm