HK Audio Sonar 115 SUB D + Sonar 115 Xi 8400w Speaker Combo THREE

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Combo Includes:  4 x HK Audio Sonar 115 SUB D,  2 x HK Audio Sonar 115 Xi, 4 x Link Cables 

Sonar 115 SUB D 

A compact powerhouse that packs a phenomenal low-frequency foundation into an enclosure with a surprisingly small footprint, this high-performance 15″ woofer delivers impressive 1500 watts of power. And its efficient 24-bit controller turns all that muscle into a demonstration of low-end might one would only expect from large 18″ subwoofers. That’s how the der SONAR 115 Sub D transforms a good song into a gripping rock hymn and reserved wallflowers into dancing queens and kings.
No sophisticated subwoofer has ever been simpler to set up: Just select the appropriate preset on the easy-to-read display and enjoy the perfect plug-&-play sound.

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