On-Stage KS7365EJ Heavy Duty Folding-Z Two-Tier Keyboard Stand

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Our KS7365EJ Folding-Z Keyboard Stand with Second Tier accommodates virtually any double-keyboard setup. The main stand provides a wide, stable base and slip-free support for heavy large-format keyboards while the second-tier arms adjust to hold a second keyboard in position for ergonomic playing. This versatile stand enables independent height and length adjustments to suit various keyboard sizes and playing styles. The entire stand folds flat for convenient storage and transportation.

  • Holds two keyboards in a compact footprint and adapts to a wide range of keyboard sizes
  • Second tier’s front bumpers increase stability and adjust to the height of the keyboard
  • Main stand adjusts in height to provide a comfortable playing position
  • Adjusts in length to adapt to a wide range of keyboard sizes

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Weight 13.5 kg
Dimensions 71 × 66 × 12 cm