Shure by Gator Deluxe Articulating Desktop Mic Boom Arm

R2,495.00 Incl.


Desktop Microphone Boom Arm for Shure Microphones with 2.17″ Clamp Range, 360° Rotation, 32.25 Arm Extension, Threaded Adapter, and Cable Channel.

Transform the feel of your broadcast, podcast, or stream with this deluxe articulating desktop mic boom stand. Engineered for flawless compatibility with your Shure vocal microphone, this stand brings a new level of convenience to the table — literally! Its adaptable clamping system attaches to tables and desktops up to 2.17 inches in thickness, allowing you to streamline your workstation’s efficiency while maximizing available floor and surface space. The threaded extension allows enough room for clearance for your XLR cable, working seamlessly with models such as the SM7B and MV7, among others. A 32.25-inch arm extension range with silent 360-degree rotation permits ample positioning options to provide the most comfortable feel while you work. To minimize clutter, a built-in cable channel with security clips keeps the mic cord managed and out of the way. For desktop Shure mic users, pros recommend the deluxe articulating desktop mic boom stand!

Shure by Gator Deluxe Articulating Desktop Mic Boom Stand Features:

  • Engineered for compatibility with Shure vocal mics like the SM7B, MV7, and other similar models
  • Threaded extension provides great mic clearance and wide-range compatibility
  • 2.17-inch clamp range permits effortless attachment to tables and desktops
  • 32.25-inch arm extension range with 360° rotation presents effortless positioning freedom
  • Built-in cable channel offers mic cord management

Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 131 × 13 × 9 cm